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Spring Equinox Mandala

Spring Equinox Mandala Happy New Year! The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the astrological new year as we enter the sign of Aries. Pictured above is a mandala that I created using my Four Gates Mandala Stencil from StencilGirl Products. The equinox is a time when there is equal amount of light and dark.… Continue reading Spring Equinox Mandala

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Torus Yantra – Rainbow Sphere Mandala

Torus Yantra Examples The Torus Yantra is a fascinating pattern in sacred geometry that is drawn by repeating circles. In the examples above we see a couple of variations where the first one was created by drawing 12 circles and the second one 24 circles. Now, if we shift our perspective and tilt these mandalas… Continue reading Torus Yantra – Rainbow Sphere Mandala

Taurus New Moon Mandala Crystal Grid
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Taurus New Moon Crystal Grid Ritual for Manifesting Abundance

Today is Mother's Day here in the US and I'm realizing a connection between the archetype of the caring, nurturing Mother and Taurus an earth sign in the zodiac. Inside my goddess journal featuring DemeterCollage images from Gudrun Sjödén's Spring 2020 Catalog My thoughts go to Goddess of the Grain & Harvest, the Greek goddess… Continue reading Taurus New Moon Crystal Grid Ritual for Manifesting Abundance