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Traveling by Moonlight Blog

Join Kathryn Costa each new moon and full moon as you explore the energies of the various zodiac signs and planets. This is no ordinary moon walk as it focuses on creating mandala art as a meditation practice.

Art journal page with solar plexus chakra mandala, collage elements, fool from the Tarot
Aries New Moon + Solar Eclipse

There is a lot to navigate at this Aries new moon + solar eclipse. To illustrate all of the concepts…

mandala art with Libra and Venus glyphs, throat chakra, stencil, and crystals.
Libra Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

Libra full moon this year kicks off an eclipse tunnel and Mercury goes Retrograde. Not to worry, as …

mandala art with Virgo and Mercury glyphs, and crystals
Traveling by Moonlight

Start with this post to learn what it means to Travel by Moonlight with Kathryn Costa. Get ready for…