Creating Mandalas for Art & Inspiration In the video above, Kathryn Costa explains how creating mandalas is so much more than creating pretty pictures. When we step before the circle we get centered, immerse in color, patterns, and beauty. We slow down and listen to our intuition and inner wise self. This creating and connecting leads to deep insights and… Continue reading Creating Mandalas for Art & Inspiration

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June Mandala Challenge – Root Chakra Inspired Mandalas This month's mandala challenge is inspired by the root chakra. Watch the video above to get the details on this month's challenge and to watch a demo using Kathryn's new root chakra stencil. Challenge Details Step 1: Create a mandala inspired by the root chakra. Include both of these elements in your mandala: Use… Continue reading June Mandala Challenge – Root Chakra Inspired Mandalas

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Full Moon + Solar Plexus Chakra

This morning I'm thinking about the connection between the full moon and the solar plexus chakra (today's featured video). The full moon shines a bright light on our shadow selves, the areas in our lives that we may be ignoring, hiding, overlooking, or neglecting. What habits, limiting beliefs, old hurts, or disappointments are you ready to… Continue reading Full Moon + Solar Plexus Chakra