Create Healing Mandala Art
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Give the Gift of Healing Mandala Art

I don't need a scientific study to know that creating art offers healing benefits. I can't tell you how many times I have felt resistance, restlessness or heavy energy from feeling tired, unwell, or overwhelmed by life. When I show up and get started, invariably the energy shifts from heavy to light, my body relaxes… Continue reading Give the Gift of Healing Mandala Art

New Moon in Pisces
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New Moon Pisces 2021 | Mandala Crystal Grid

Join Kathryn Costa for the next stop in the Traveling by Moonlight series. The new moon in Pisces inspires us to learn from the mystic on how to go with the flow and set powerful intentions as we create mandala art and crystal grids. Watch New Moon in Pisces Themes ✦Lunar Cycles✦Setting powerful intentions… Continue reading New Moon Pisces 2021 | Mandala Crystal Grid

How to create a full moon in Leo healing mandala.
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Full Moon Leo 2021 | Healing Mandala Crystal Grid

After the enthusiasm of setting new intentions settles down, doubt, fear, critical thoughts, and old stories full of limiting beliefs can come to the surface and stop you before you get started in realizing your dreams. This full moon is extra intense because the moon, sun and Jupiter are all at the same degree in… Continue reading Full Moon Leo 2021 | Healing Mandala Crystal Grid

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How-to Create Healing Mandala Art Kathryn Costa shows you how easy it is to create healing mandala art using her stencils from Stencil Girl Products. This video features: Three ways to use the Four Gates Mandala Stencil to create a safe and beautiful container for creating healing mandala art that “holds space” using any of the seven chakra stencils.How… Continue reading How-to Create Healing Mandala Art

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Lionsgate (8/8) Crystal Grid Instructions

Today, 8/8, is known as the Lionsgate when the gateway to your highest realm of consciousness opens, unlocking your spiritual power to manifest your highest purpose. Massive change is on the horizon and beautiful opportunities are flowing your way. Keep doing what you are doing. What's coming has been years in the making. Trust and Believe!