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How to Live a Life Full of Signs, Synchronicity, and Divine Guidance

Are you looking for a sign? Divine Guidance? Maybe you've seen signs and experienced synchronicity in your life and you want to open up to more of this. That desire for living a spirit filled life is what started me on a path to seeing more signs, synchronicity, and messages from Spirit. I found in… Continue reading How to Live a Life Full of Signs, Synchronicity, and Divine Guidance

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When Your Creative Flow Feels Frozen

Nature is absolutely incredible and powerful with many life lessons to teach. Last January, my husband and I went on one of our adventure rides and when we sat down for lunch, we looked out the window at this incredible view. I bet you want to see more...keep scrolling. To the left was a wall… Continue reading When Your Creative Flow Feels Frozen

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Coffee Talk: Recognizing & Releasing Perfectionism Let's get together for a "Coffee Chat" to discuss perfectionism, a common challenge faced by many in their creative process. We'll look at the many ways perfectionism shows up and tips for navigating this creative block. Listen to the video above (it's basically a podcast with a couple of photos) to hear from your… Continue reading Coffee Talk: Recognizing & Releasing Perfectionism