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March Mandala Challenge & Prize Giveaway

In life we are faced with many confrontations, in this mandala project you literally stand your ground. I've done this mandala project many times in the Great Round course where you trace your feet, draw concentric circles around them and add color, form, and sometimes journal writing. Working on this type of mandala, these questions come to… Continue reading March Mandala Challenge & Prize Giveaway

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January Mandala Challenge – Seeds of Possibilities

What are the many possibilities that await you in this new year? The January Mandala Challenge called, "The Mandala of Many Possibilities" uses the design motif of little dots or stars to represent the many possibilities available to you in this moment. Think of these little dots as seeds of potential. You may create your… Continue reading January Mandala Challenge – Seeds of Possibilities

how-to, monthly mandala challenges

November Mandala Challenge – Dandelion Mandalas

For this month's challenge I invited fellow mandala artist and teacher Louise Gale to share with us a project from her newest book, "Botanical Mandalas." The video above includes: Interview with Louise Gale about mandalas, nature, and the featured project. Louise and Kathryn share their dandelion stories. Step-by-Step demonstration to create your own Dandelion Mandala.… Continue reading November Mandala Challenge – Dandelion Mandalas