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Full Moon + Solar Plexus Chakra

This morning I'm thinking about the connection between the full moon and the solar plexus chakra (today's featured video). The full moon shines a bright light on our shadow selves, the areas in our lives that we may be ignoring, hiding, overlooking, or neglecting. What habits, limiting beliefs, old hurts, or disappointments are you ready to… Continue reading Full Moon + Solar Plexus Chakra

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Cultivating Clarity, Confidence, and a Can-Do Outlook

Inside My Chakra Journal – Solar Plexus Chakra My chakra journal is a place to explore the themes of each chakra. The first spread of each section sets the overall tone and weaves in a few of the main messages. When I look at these first journal pages for the solar plexus chakra, my heart… Continue reading Cultivating Clarity, Confidence, and a Can-Do Outlook

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When Your Creative Flow Feels Frozen

Nature is absolutely incredible and powerful with many life lessons to teach. Last January, my husband and I went on one of our adventure rides and when we sat down for lunch, we looked out the window at this incredible view. I bet you want to see more...keep scrolling. To the left was a wall… Continue reading When Your Creative Flow Feels Frozen