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Let’s wake up your creativity and make time to play.

Inside My Chakra Journal - Sacral Chakra I have a new place where I'm playing these days. It's in a recycled catalogue dedicated to my chakra journey. Pictured above is a peek at the first pages for the sacral chakra section. I like to work intuitively, picking out images from magazines that grab my attention.… Continue reading Let’s wake up your creativity and make time to play.

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Coffee Talk: Recognizing & Releasing Perfectionism Let's get together for a "Coffee Chat" to discuss perfectionism, a common challenge faced by many in their creative process. We'll look at the many ways perfectionism shows up and tips for navigating this creative block. Listen to the video above (it's basically a podcast with a couple of photos) to hear from your… Continue reading Coffee Talk: Recognizing & Releasing Perfectionism

Solstice Celebration
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Solstice Year End Celebration

Let's gather as a community to honor and celebrate 2018. Friday, December 21, 20186:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,ESTOnline Interactive EventRecording available if you can't attend live. On the evening of the solstice, I'll be hosting an online celebration that includes: Soul JourneyRelax and be guided in this meditation. You'll tune in and listen to your… Continue reading Solstice Year End Celebration