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Garden Meditation Video for Solar Plexus

Sacred Sunday. I like to unplug and tune in. It soothes my soul and I hear my intuition more clearly. On a gray, rainy Sunday, I plucked out of a mostly tired flower arrangement several blossoms still holding onto life. Filling a favorite dish with water creates a beautiful space for flowers to float.… Continue reading Garden Meditation Video for Solar Plexus

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Planning Your Creative Lulls

Creative cycles are normal. The ebb and flow of my creative cycles can be extreme, marked by times of high productivity and manic moments where I get little sleep. I love the rush that comes from a million ideas flowing and I'm energized by the insights and connections that happen. Maintaining this intensity is humanly… Continue reading Planning Your Creative Lulls

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Sacred Sundays, Lupines, and Lobster Coves

Seven months ago I made some lifestyle changes and declared Sundays as sacred. What makes them sacred? I unplug from social media and I don't do any work; I spend quality time with my husband, savor nature, and create art. The idea is to slow down. What I've discovered is how much I look forward… Continue reading Sacred Sundays, Lupines, and Lobster Coves