Create Healing Mandala Art
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Give the Gift of Healing Mandala Art

I don't need a scientific study to know that creating art offers healing benefits. I can't tell you how many times I have felt resistance, restlessness or heavy energy from feeling tired, unwell, or overwhelmed by life. When I show up and get started, invariably the energy shifts from heavy to light, my body relaxes… Continue reading Give the Gift of Healing Mandala Art

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Pearl 10 | Four Gates to Cultivating Compassion

How are you cultivating compassion for yourself and others during this stressful time? Inspired by the Buddhist traditions, Kathryn Costa shares how she uses her Four Gates Mandala Stencils to cultivate self-compassion to prepare to step into the world with greater compassion for others. This video covers: Details on three mandala projects that will… Continue reading Pearl 10 | Four Gates to Cultivating Compassion

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Soul to Soul Conversations Watch. Listen. Connect. Soul to Soul Conversations hosted by Kathryn Costa. Join Kathryn Costa from True North Arts and Mary Beth Shaw from StencilGirl Products for a soul to soul conversation on how their creative and soulful practices keep them grounded, peaceful, and creative during these unusual times. The soul to soul conversation covers:… Continue reading Soul to Soul Conversations