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Soul to Soul Conversations Watch. Listen. Connect. Soul to Soul Conversations hosted by Kathryn Costa. Join Kathryn Costa from True North Arts and Mary Beth Shaw from StencilGirl Products for a soul to soul conversation on how their creative and soulful practices keep them grounded, peaceful, and creative during these unusual times. The soul to soul conversation covers:… Continue reading Soul to Soul Conversations

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4 Ingredients to Fire Up Your Creativity

This week's theme at the Oasis is fire! Yesterday was opening day at The Oasis and for many participants who joined one of the three sessions throughout the day said: "I've needed to get my creativity back." There are four ingredients to each Oasis session that will activate your creativity.1. An Inspiring Theme2. Soul Journey Meditation3.… Continue reading 4 Ingredients to Fire Up Your Creativity

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Saying “Yes!” to a new journey.

Dear Friends, My heart is bursting open from all of the emails I received in the last 24 hours and the comments posted on Facebook about my idea to offer affordable Zoom sessions to nurture creativity and connection. Each note and comment is encouraging me to take the next steps. Several moments this past week… Continue reading Saying “Yes!” to a new journey.