Third-Eye Chakra | Ajna

Do you trust your intuition? The third-eye chakra is the seat of our intuition and helpful when seeking answers in life.

The third-eye chakra, Ajna in Sanskrit, is the seat of our intuition. When it’s balanced we are perceptive, intuitive, trust our deep inner knowing, and may be clairvoyant. We are imaginative and can remember our dreams. When it’s unbalanced, we are unable to think abstractly or use symbolic thinking, lack imagination, may be stuck in one “truth,” aloof, arrogant, unable to see the bigger picture or deeper truth, have a fear of our spiritual self,  spacey, flighty, or we don’t trust our intuition.

  • Create third-eye chakra when you are seeking answers and want to tap into your intuitive wisdom. 
  • Color: Indigo, Midnight Blue
  • Element: Light
  • Affirmation: I see

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