Creativity Coaching

Over the last nine years, I’ve been studying my creative process and recently finished a 17-week intensive study with Jill Badonsky in her Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching® (KMCC) Program. I had so many lightbulb moments as I recognized these common blocks:

  • Perfectionism
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Overwhelm
  • Inner Critics
  • Doubt
  • Fear
  • Procrastination
  • Resistance
  • Difficulty Making Time
  • Difficulty Returning to a Creative Endeavor or Passion

Do these sound familiar?

I’m highly prolific and highly creative. I’ve learned how to keep momentum at the first signs of these blocks. With 1:1 coaching, I can help you to identify what’s getting in your way and introduce you to a variety of practices that are simple yet powerfully effective so you’ll move forward on your creative projects, passions and pursuits consistently rather than in fits and starts.

What I love about the KMCC philosophy is that it’s all about taking doable and fun steps. Some coaching philosophies are about high pressure and guilt. That approach doesn’t work in the long wrong and it isn’t healthy. Fear will get you stuck every time where you’ll want to hide under the bed covers. Tapping into your passion and what feels fun has the opposite effect where you’ll feel inspired to get started and to stay the course.

Creativity Coaching offers support when:

  • You desire change in your life especially when experiencing fear, procrastination, perfectionism, resistance, feelings of overwhelm, doubt, difficulty making time, self sabotage, idea-bankruptcy, or difficulty returning to a creative endeavor.

  • You are looking to build a business, improve relationships, navigate life passages, or make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • You are tired of feeling hijacked by the ups and downs of creative cycles. You’re ready to understand your creative process and want to learn practices that are fun and effective.
  • You want to live life creatively, mindfully, and joyfully.

Our sessions felt like a friendly chat.
Each week we discussed taking small, easy and achievable steps towards my goal.
I made progress almost without realising it!
It was very practical, helpful and the time flew.

– Jayne Evans, Artist and Art Teacher

Introductory Creativity Coaching Package

Five 1 hour Phone Sessions

The first session is a discovery call to set your intention, explore what’s been holding you back, and set a course for taking the first steps.

The following four sessions provide on-going support, guidance, and gentle accountability to stay on track. You’ll learn tools and techniques to move past blocks while building and strengthening habits to ensure that you’ll experience ease, flow, and creative joy.

Creativity Care Package

You’ll receive in the mail a journal and one of Kathryn’s signature envelopes filled with some fun surprises.

Follow Up Notes & Reminders

After each session, you’ll receive a summary that’s creatively designed and customized to inspire you to take the next visible step on your project.

About Kathryn Costa

An instigator of creativity and a soulful guide, Kathryn Costa loves to make meaningful connections. Among Kathryn’s many super powers – enthusiasm, creativity, grit – it’s her strong intuition and her ability to easily see patterns that brings clarity and focus to her coaching sessions.

Each coaching session integrates one or more of Kathryn’s trainings – Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach®, Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner®, Virtues Project® Facilitator, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Mandala Certificate. Kathryn’s experience as a teacher, artist, author, community developer, graphic designer, and highly creative marketer offers her clients a rich resource of experience and knowledge to support them in pursuing their soul yearnings.

Other Coaching Options

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