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Gemini New Moon

mandalas with Gemini and chakra symbols

At this moon, Gemini asks what you are most curious about? Today’s blog post is an invitation to pause for a moment and consider where you are and what you’d like to learn, experience, and discover.

Join me now in a sweet pause.

Play this music to get the full experience.

Now, take a slow deep breath in through your nose and allow it to gently flow through your body and back out your nose. Repeat as often as it feels good for you. It’s okay to take a few moments for yourself to be here now.

Close your eyes and listen to the twinkling of the piano keys and the gentle lull of the flute.

Listen to your heart. What message does it have for you? Allow your thoughts to wander before reading on.

For me tears are surfacing. When I ask my tears what message they have for me, I feel a tightening in my throat as a stream of tears flow down my face. I hear the words, “I’ve been caught in the undertow of life, swept by the busyness, the must-haves, and the false expectations I believed were necessary parts of my life.”

How about you? Where did your thoughts take you? What message has surfaced during your pause?

Whether Gemini has a strong influence in your natal chart, you can learn from this archetype for we have within us the qualities of all 12 zodiac signs.

Gemini is the sign of the twins. The twin in your life may be a dear friend, sibling, co-worker, or anyone who you can be yourself with and share your dreams. Your twin is the person who listens to your ideas and can be your sounding board. The Gemini in you needs to hear your wisdom expressed out loud.

“Some see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” ~George Bernhard Shaw

Have you been asking, “Why not?” “What if?” or better yet, “What would feel fun?”

Pictured above is a mandala that uses my four gates mandala stencil, sacral charka stencil, and the glyphs from the zodiac stencil sold by StencilGirl Products.

To represent the air sign of Gemini, I painted the outer parts with light blues and greens to connote an airy feel. The sacral chakra is associated with the color orange. Here we can feel a zesty contrast between the vibrant orange and the cool background.

At the center is a crescent moon that is like a cup that holds the energy at the center. Here we see how the cup runneth over. The outer ring of petals is not part of the sacral chakra but add to it. I imagine in those outer petals the creative flame within me is lit sending out the swirls of energy to ignite the creative juices of those who read this blog post.

Are you feeling inspired to create a mandala of your own? I sure hope so. That’s one of my soul purposes, to instigate a sense of play that leads to joy.

Tarot card of a young man dreaming.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~George Bernhard Shaw

When I pulled the Page of Cups for today’s blog post, it was the first time I had seen this card. I was quite surprised as I’ve been enjoying the Light Seekers Tarot deck for months. The Page of Cups can signify the beginning of a creative project or venture.

Look at the expression of this character in the card. He is looking up and clearly from the lines he is envisioning something that lifts his spirit. What a darling little flying pig.

The message of this card is simple: dare to dream for all things are possible.

I learned in my shamanic studies that if you want to support a particular chakra (for me that would be the throat chakra), then work with the chakra below it, in this case, the heart chakra. By opening up the energy of the heart chakra, energy flows upward to the throat.

A simple way to open the heart chakra is to direct your breath to the center of your chest. Where your attention goes, energy will flow. Try it. Take a few heart-centered breaths and feel your body relax and get grounded.

My intention in working with both the heart chakra and throat chakra is to soften these areas so I can speak in a way that others will be receptive to hearing.

For this mandala, I used a watercolor effect for the outer edges where I scrunched up some plastic wrap and let it dry on the wet paint. For the inner circle I used markers, colored pencils, black and white charcoal pencils.

The words at each gate are reminders of the Buddhist concept of ‘Right Speech.’ As Gemini is known for it’s often quick thinking and speaking, this mandala reminds us before speaking to consider these questions:

Is it kind?
Is it helpful?
Is it true?
Is it necessary?

I’m happy to share that the tears, the breathing, the music, and the mandala making all yielded lovely results in how I’m showing up for me and connecting with others.

May you follow your curiosity and find joy.

(((soul hugs)))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

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  1. I love hearing how you have shown up and cared for yourself – it’s a good reminder that we need to fill cups before we can pour for others.

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