Find Your True North


I believe you are wise beyond measure. You have all the answers within. I’m here to help you to listen to the wisdom of your soul and follow your True North.

What is your True North?

Your True North is the direction and path in life that is uniquely yours and it’s aligned with your core beliefs, gifts and talents. The soul guides us in following our True North. It’s that place within each of us that is infinite, eternal, and universal; it’s also elusive. Through the contemplative and expressive arts and by listening to our intuition we can access the wisdom of our soul. When following your True North, you experience life with more clarity, confidence, and joy.

What gets in the way of following your True North?

This may sound familiar, you get in the way. Disempowering thoughts, limiting beliefs, making unhealthy choices, or accepting someone else’s fear as your own truth gets you stuck.

It takes courage to choose for yourself, to let go of the negative beliefs you’ve picked up from family and friends, and disregard the societal assumptions that don’t serve you.

The mind, emotions, body, and spirit are four areas that can get blocked and keep you from hearing the wisdom of your soul and following your True North.

True North Arts - Four Element Theory

The Four Elements

Nature is one of my favorite teachers and the four elements offer us a way to connect to and nurture different parts of our selves. Let’s look at those elements and an example of how you can start using them now to shift your energy.



Step outside and feel the air and breathe it in or in your mind’s eye imagine standing on a mountain top on a day with strong winds blowing. In an instant our energy shifts and our minds clear as the air blows around and through us. We have within us the ability to quiet our mind by focusing on our breath. Meditation is one practice that uses the element of air to help us achieve mental clarity.



Water is often used as a metaphor for our emotions. Compare the violent waves in a storm and the tranquility of a placid lake. Our emotions can also range from stormy to calm. Water provides us with a soothing balm. It’s why so many people flock to the ocean or soak in pools or hot tubs. One way to shift your energy using water is to take a shower and allow the warm water wash the tension down the drain.



Fire is the element that connects us to Spirit. When someone is not living by their truth we may refer to them as having a “dimmed light.” In contrast, one who is passionate about their pursuits radiates joy. Sunlight is an example of the element of fire. Step outside, close your eyes, and face the sun. Feel the warmth and light shower you and awaken the flame within.



One of the best ways to get grounded is to take a nature walk or dig in the ground to plant something. Ancient peoples believed that every rock, tree, plant, or natural object has a spirit. Earth teaches us about our connection to the world around us and our physical bodies.


The Expressive Arts

I believe everyone is an artist and everyone is creative. Does that challenge you? Are you thinking right about now that this isn’t true for you and that you are the exception?

I didn’t always believe that I was an artist. I didn’t go to art school and my father reminded me most of my life that I had no artistic talent because I didn’t have the drawing skills that he thought an artist needed.

One day, my son was following his curiosity and working on a project. He came out of my “creative room” holding in his hands some supplies and materials that he found for his project. He exclaimed, “I love that my Mom is an artist!”

In that moment, I claimed the title artist. It no longer mattered if some institution recognized me as an artist. It didn’t matter if my art would ever get published or hang on museum walls. It didn’t matter if I’d make a living as an artist. I was an artist.

Sometimes we need someone else to recognize our truths. I’m here to see you, just as you are and more than what you see and believe in yourself.

I see the artist in you.

I see the creative in you.


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a paint brush or compass or crayon in years. It’s time to step out of the shadow and into the light of what will bring you joy. This is what I love, love, love about the expressive arts – it’s for everyone – young or old, rich or poor, experienced or beginner.

The expressive arts is a practice of creating art for the fun of it. It’s creating for exploring your thoughts and feelings. It’s creating to release the strong emotions that have been bottling up. It’s creating to revisit our stories and rewrite them, if you so wish. It’s creating to uncover your truth.

My favorite expressive art projects include creating mandalas, collage, SoulCollage®, mixed media, photography, journal writing, vision journals, spirit sticks, and flower arranging. Did I surprise you with that last one? Ahhh the expressive arts can be explored using a wide range of mediums and subjects. Let’s discover them together!


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