Oasis Gift Certificates

Oasis Gift Certificates - Limited Edition - Lily of the Valley
Introducing the Soul Hugs Inside Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a gift full of heart and soul?

Who do you know could use a soul hug?

Gift certificates now available to make it fun to invite your friends to join you at The Oasis with Kathryn Costa. For only $20 you and a friend can attend one of the upcoming Oasis sessions.

A gift certificate for a session at The Oasis with Kathryn Costa is a beautiful way to share a soulful and creative journey with a friend, sister, mother and other family members. Each Oasis session includes an inspiring theme and soul journey meditation to awaken your creativity and access your inner wisdom. The Oasis themes weave together lunar cycles, astrology, power animals, oracle cards, Tarot, Earth wisdom, and the elements of air, water, fire, and earth. It’s a fascinating journey where you’ll gain insights about yourself as you make connections between larger energy patterns and your personal energy patterns.

Each Oasis session is a two hour online event hosted on Zoom. The gift certificate is good for you and a friend to join one session for $20.

After ordering, you’ll receive an email with instructions on completing the registration and options for selecting the session that you and your guest would like to attend. The beautiful envelope and certificate are delivered electronically by email for you to print and assemble or to email to your friend.

Pictured here is the front and back sides of the Lily of the Valley envelope and the gift certificate/invitation.
Pictured here is the front and back sides of the Lily of the Valley envelope
and the gift certificate/invitation.

About the Envelope Design – Lily of the Valley

Kathryn Costa, founder of The Oasis, dedicates this envelope design to her mother and all women who embody loving-kindness, compassion, and generosity of spirit.

Born on May 4th, Kathryn’s mother loved the Lily of the Valley that represents rebirth of happiness. Her favorite gem was the emerald, also a symbol of rebirth and dedicated to the goddess Venus by the Romans. The hummingbird reminds us of the many sweet blessings in life and the heart chakra mandala has the healing energy of love, peace, and grace. 

May this sweet envelope remind you of the deep reserve and infinite supply of loving-kindness that you have within you. May your visit at The Oasis be a balm for your soul.

Thank you for being you.

This envelope design is a limited edition.
Watch truenortharts.com for the release of the next soul hug. 

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Oasis

So so in love with the Oasis – the courses and the community. It’s honestly such a magical experience and the financial cost is so affordable for all, it feels more like a gift. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing space!!  ~ Allison Bright

I love 💕 being able to connect with like minded folks in The Oasis. Thank you so much for creating it. ~ Kristen Lowell

Kathryn, I absolutely love this idea, and I am enjoying being a part of your new Oasis community! Definitely helping me delve that little bit deeper.  ~ Mary-Anne Schoenike

The Oasis is a place where I feel energized to explore what my soul is feeling through mediation, learning, art and friendship. Everyone creates and receives the messages they were meant too. There is no judgment just encouragement. And we could all use more encouragement!! ~ Scrapping Chel

I love the oasis!!! It’s so incredibly positive. It’s mysterious and exciting. It’s grounding and enlightening. I always feel so much better after each session and I’m loving the connections being made. It’s just what I need. ~ Mandy Russell

Meet Kathryn Costa 

Kathryn Costa has been giving out soul hugs since 2018 when she started blogging and offering soulful journaling prompts. Reflecting Kathryn’s passion for making meaningful connections, this sweet phrase has dotted the interwebs as Kathryn pauses from her busy schedule to leave love notes and words of encouragement when commenting on social media posts and online gathering spaces. 

When Kathryn isn’t spreading soul hugs, she’s an instigator of soulful and creative living at True North Arts. Her renewed vision has led her to opening up The Oasis with the intention that it be a place for you to quiet the noise outside yourself and quiet the noise inside you, so you can hear the wisdom within.

A journey is best when shared and Kathryn is delighted that a kindred spirit is giving you a soul hug with this gift certificate to meet up at The Oasis.

The beautiful soul hugs inside lettering was done by Danielle Rothman.
The beautiful hand lettering for the Soul Hugs Inside message was done by the talented
Danielle Rothman of Rothbyrns Creative.
Danielle is a talented letterist, teacher, and creative strategist based out of NYC.
See all of her upcoming live online calligraphy, watercolor, and illustration classes here.