Workshops at NH Institute of Art

Introduction to Creating Mandalas at New Hampshire Institute of Art NHIA

Introduction to Creating Mandala Art

The circle has captured the fascination of artists across all cultures. We see examples of circular art forms in cathedral stained glass windows, Celtic spirals, Navajo sand paintings, and the Chinese Yin Yang. The mandala with it’s roots in the Hindu and Buddhist cultures is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to mean circle or center. Explore your own fascination with the circle in this workshop. You’ll learn how to construct a traditional style mandala where you’ll bring your love for color and form to this practice and leave with a work of art as unique as you

Saturday, March 2, 2019
12 to 3 p.m.
NH Institute of Art – Manchester, NH


Sacred Geometry Mandalas

Explore the ancient art of sacred geometry. In this workshop, you’ll warm up your compass skills creating the Seed of Life mandala, an elemental form that you’ll build upon to construct the Torus Yantra. It’s exciting to join others in this workshop as everyone begins with the same “bones” and finishes with their own variation that reflects their unique personality and design sensibility.

Saturday, April 27, 2019
12 to 3 p.m.
NH Institute of Art
Sharon Campus in Sharon, NH