Oasis Spring 2020 Bundle

Oasis Spring 2020 Bundle

Create Your Own Personal Oasis Retreats

The Oasis is designed to be a balm for your soul where you can quiet the noise outside of yourself, quiet the noise inside yourself, so you can access the wisdom within.

The Spring 2020 Oasis Bundle includes:

Beltane Fire – Clear out the limiting beliefs, old habits, and karmic patterns that you are ready to release at the Beltane Fire. We connect with the energy of the sun and the power of fire to transform heaviness into light. In the Soul Journey meditation, we do a fire ceremony that is a powerful practice to release physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. 

Taurus New Moon – Get to know Taurus the first of the earth signs in the Zodiac. Turn to this session any time you are looking to manifest something in the material realm. Includes a manifesting mandala template.

Scorpio Full Moon – Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the Zodiac with a reputation of being moody with a sharp sting. This session explores the importance of celebrations especially during difficult times and offers a water ceremony perfect for those times when you are feeling deeply emotional.

Gemini New Moon – Gemini is here to help you to breath fresh air into your dreams. This session is your go to anytime you want to bring more delight, whimsy, and creativity to your life.

Sagittarius Full Moon – Sagittarius is one of the three fire signs. Have you been getting fired up by recent events? In this session, you’ll get a special mandala and practice to help you to STOP and shift the energy so you don’t get emotionally hijacked and you can stay the course on pursuing your dreams.

Sacred Feminine | Greek Goddess Artemis – The Greek goddess Artemis was known as the Goddess of the Hunt who “travels by moonlight.” She was one of the “Triple Goddesses” and shows us how to navigate our life using the gifts of the sacred feminine. When we chase our goals following the masculine goal-oriented, push, push, push approach, we grow weary and often disconnect from our true nature and soul purpose. In this session, the Soul Journey guided meditation and oracle card reading will guide you in tapping into you intuitive wisdom.

Sacred Feminine | Greek Goddess Athena – The Greek goddess Athena is a strong, independent woman with a cool head ideal for navigating life’s challenges and implementing winning strategies. In an all new Soul Journey, we’ll call upon our inner Athena the peacekeeper, to pull out her crystal wand or “sword” to help you to clear heavy energy around a relationship that’s holding you back. In this guided meditation you’ll also meet a spirit messenger that will offer you wise counsel.

Chakra Clearing – Experience a powerful healing journey that begins with a chakra clearing meditation. It’s the ultimate healing tool that opens up all eight energy centers that regulate, distribute, and store energy. These main energy centers heal all areas of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Do you have an emotional or physical illness? Maybe you’re feeling weighed down by anxiety, stress, low self worth? There’s a chakra for that! Truly it’s the most comprehensive healing and wellness system that can transform any area of your life  and it’s ALL covered in this one meditation. We take the healing power to the next level by following the chakra clearing meditation with a soul journey to release what’s holding you back from living a vibrant, joyful, and healthy life.

Animal Allies – Each animal, great and small, has hundreds of lessons for us. Some animals affirm those strengths of character that we may have forgotten about ourselves while others teach us new ways of being and doing. In this Oasis session, you’ll experience a Soul Journey guided meditation to connect with nature where you’ll meet up with an animal messenger. What animal will show up for you and what message will you receive? Your messengers come bearing gifts, wisdom, and medicine to support you in stepping into the days and weeks ahead with more clarity, confidence, and joy.

Summer Solstice – This Oasis session will support you any time you are starting a new cycle. This session includes practical advice on how to work with planets in retrograde, connect with your inner dragon and learn 11 ways you may be giving your power away, and experience a powerful Soul Journey working with elemental fire to clear and cleanse heavy energies plus a guided meditation to the ocean for setting intentions in Pacha Mama’s ocean waters. Includes a manifesting mandala template.

Each Oasis Retreat includes:

  • 90 Minute Video Recording
  • Featured Presentation
  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Soul Journey Guided Meditation
  • Beautifully Designed Handouts

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