Chakra Workshops

Are you ready to open the door and discover an ancient wellness system that can transform every aspect of your life?

This is an online experience unlike any other! It begins when you receive a beautiful envelope in the mail with little surprises tucked inside. During the online retreat your mind will open up as you learn about the chakras and recognize what your body, mind, emotions, and spirit need in the moment. Your soul will feel nourished by the guided meditations and you’ll receive intuitive flashes reading the oracle card. During the studio time, you’ll delight your creative spirit and feel seen, heard, and celebrated as you make meaningful connections with other participants during the Show & Tell.

In the Chakra Course you’ll:

  • Learn a spiritual practice that takes a creative approach to meditation and mindfulness.
  • Observe how the energy of each chakra affects your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Explore practical and easy ways to heal and navigate life’s challenges through color, art making, food, movement, sound, meditation, intentions, affirmations and so much more.
  • Learn about the sacred geometry and the meaning within each of the chakra mandalas.
  • Gently awaken your creativity and tune into your intuition and inner wise self for guidance.
  • Transform anxiety and fear into calm and inner peace.
  • Gain clarity, confidence, and purpose.
  • Recognize the divine patterns in your life experiences.
  • Meet spirit animals and connect with their wisdom.
  • Experience soul nourishing guided meditations.
  • Glean insights from oracle card readings.
  • Share your insights and inspirations in a supportive environment.

Kathryn’s chakra series is the most comprehensive one that I’ve experienced. Most courses will offer some information about the chakras. Investing in this series, you will be pleasantly surprised.
~ Yvonne Wolo

In the video above, Ann and Yvonne share their experiences with the Charka Online Retreats. This will give you a taste of what these workshops are all about.

Each Chakra Online Retreat includes:

  • Beautifully designed envelope that you get in the mail filled with things we use in the workshop
  • Presentation about the featured chakra
  • Soul Journey guided meditation
  • Oracle card & reading
  • Journal prompts and creative activities
  • Studio Time – one hour of free time to create and play
    Participants have used this creative hour to work in a journal, create chakra inspired art, collage, SoulCollage®, paint, or make jewelry. You are encouraged to follow your muse.
  • Show & Tell
  • Video conferencing hosted on Zoom
  • Pre-recorded presentation and meditations for a self-paced option
  • Online library packed with resources to explore the various healing modalities for each chakra.
  • Lifetime access

Workshop Schedule

Register for the individual workshops or sign up for the entire 7-part course and save $70.
Each workshop is a standalone experience so you can start with any chakra.
Get instant access to the lessons, activities, and recordings when you purchase the individual workshops. The lessons in the course version are published on the first of each month.

Chakra Course (all seven workshops)

Next session begins June 1, 2019

Payment Options


Root Chakra Mandala Art created using the root chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the Root Chakra Stencil.

The root chakra, Muladhara in Sanskrit, relates to our physical well-being, and sense of safety, and security. It’s often compared to the foundation of a house or the roots of a tree that provides stability. When it’s balanced we feel safe, secure, and grounded; concentration comes easily; we’re in good physical health.

When it’s unbalanced we feel anxious and fearful. Major transitions in life, affect this chakra. Such as changes in our jobs or job loss, relocating our home, divorce, loss, starting something new and anything that may “uproot” us whether it’s a positive or negative change. When feeling insecure, we may have a tendency to compulsively collect things, stress eat, or have money issues. Create root chakra art to help you feel grounded and secure.


Sacral Chakra Mandala Art created using the sacral chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the
Sacral Chakra Stencil.

The sacral chakra, Svadisthana in Sanskrit, relates to our emotions and how we interact in the world through our senses. As the seat of our creativity, the sacral chakra helps us to get into the creative zone when it’s balanced. We delight in our senses and we’re playful, whimsical, and filled with awe and wonder in everyday living.

When it’s unbalanced, we may feel creatively blocked, experience mood swings, easily upset by others or have a difficult time expressing our feelings, and feel guilt and deny ourselves simple pleasures in life. Create sacral chakra art to activate your creativity and bring more delight and play to your life.


Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala Art created using the solar plexus chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the
Solar Plexus Chakra Stencil.

The solar plexus chakra, Manipura in Sanskrit, is the center of our personal power. When it’s balanced we feel confident, we have a clear vision of our life’s purpose, and we choose the best for ourselves.

When it’s not balanced we feel insecure, we put other’s needs before our own, we don’t feel like we are ever enough, we give our power away, and don’t have a clear sense of purpose. Create solar plexus chakra art to boost your confidence, explore your why, or when deciding on what’s next in your life. 


Heart Chakra Mandala Art created using the heart chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the
Heart Chakra Stencil.

The heart chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit, is our place of love. It’s central to all healing as it bridges the lower chakras (our physical aspects) with the upper chakras (our spiritual nature).  When it’s balanced we are loving, compassionate, friendly, trusting, forgiving, and others feel comfortable and at home with us.

When it’s not balanced, we may be critical of ourselves or others, perfectionistic, demanding, jealous, self-centered, overwhelmed with grief, or lonely. What is powerful about the heart chakra is how it supports the work we do with all of the other chakras. Love truly does heal all. Create heart chakra art any time you need to bring gentleness, loving-kindness, and compassion to a situation in your life.


Throat Chakra Mandala Art created using the throat chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the
Throat Chakra Stencil.

The throat chakra, Vishuddha in Sanskrit, is the center of communication and expression. When it’s balanced, we communicate clearly, speak our truth, and we’re excellent listeners. Our creativity is expressed through rhythm, music, using our voice, writing, and singing.

When it isn’t balanced we tend to interrupt others, may be shy, tend to gossip, have a difficult time expressing ourselves or a poor communicator. Create throat chakra art when you need help speaking up or finding the right words to express yourself.


Third-Eye Chakra Mandala Art created using the throat chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the
Third-Eye Chakra Stencil

The third-eye chakra, Ajna in Sanskrit, is the seat of our intuition. When it’s balanced we are perceptive, intuitive, trust our deep inner knowing, and may be clairvoyant. We are imaginative and can remember our dreams.

When it’s unbalanced, we are unable to think abstractly or use symbolic thinking, lack imagination, may be stuck in one “truth,” aloof, arrogant, unable to see the bigger picture or deeper truth, have a fear of our spiritual self,  spacey, flighty, or we don’t trust our intuition. Create third-eye chakra when you are seeking answers and want to tap into your intuitive wisdom. 


Crown Chakra Mandala Art created using the crown chakra stencil by StencilGirl Products
Art created using the
Crown Chakra Stencil

The crown chakra, Sahasrara in Sanskrit is our spiritual center and connection to the Divine. When it’s balanced we experience unity consciousness, the feeling of connection to the Divine and all living things. We are intuitive, perceptive, possess a deep wisdom, and trust in our life has a purpose.

When it is unbalanced, we may feel disconnected, isolated, depressed, apathy, boredom, lack inspiration, unable to understand deeper truths and connections, lack purpose, or  feel anger toward or abandoned by God. Create crown chakra art when you want to open up your spiritual connection to the Divine and all living things.

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