The Oasis

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Have you notice how energy flows where you attention goes? When I open up to the magical world of signs and synchronicities life gets really fun. It happens whenever I set an intention and then place my attention on it by attending a class or carving out time for soulful and creative practices.

Now you can get support for your soulful and creative practices and experience more magic, delight, and creative joy at The Oasis with Kathryn Costa.

The Oasis - Soulful & Creative Living with Kathryn Costa

The Oasis is for you if …

  • you desire a stronger connection with Spirit and enjoy soulful connections through ceremony, gatherings, and conversations with other kindred spirits in community
  • you’re delighted when you see signs and patterns in your life and crave more of the sacred in everyday living
  • you’re drawn to the wisdom of nature and working with the elements of air, water, fire, and earth
  • you’re fascinated by lunar cycles, astrology, power animals, oracle cards, Tarot, and making connections between larger energy patterns and your personal energy patterns
  • you’re looking to expand your intuition and connection with Spirit
  • you struggle with showing up consistently for your spiritual or creative practices
  • you’re so ready to release any creativity blocks and open up to that lovely “flow” state
  • you’re looking for sparks of inspiration and seek clarity and more confidence
  • you’re longing to share your feelings and deeper meanings about your art and life with others who are eager to hear all about it
  • you’re energized and inspired by juicy soulful conversations with soulful and kindred spirits

I designed The Oasis to be a balm for your soul.

Kathryn Costa, Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

About Soul Tapas at the Oasis

Each week soulful lessons are served at the Oasis. The name Soul Tapas comes from the essence of what you’ll experience each week. Unlike the deep dive of information that you get in the other programs and courses offered by Kathryn Costa at True North Arts, each Soul Tapas offers an easy to digest smaller amount of content that will delight your soul and fuel your creative and soul life.

Each 2-hour session includes:

Opening Sacred Space
This powerful practice awakens your intuitive wisdom and sets the intention for our time together.

An Inspirational Theme
Each week’s theme is designed to open your heart and ignite your soul. At the heart of each session is working with intentions to awaken to the mysteries of life and make meaningful connections that guide you in stepping into each moment to live a vibrant, joyful, life. We follow the lunar cycles, learn about the characteristics and influences of the zodiac signs, we observe and work with the four elements and chakras. Look forward to other topics including goddess archetypes, divination tools, shamanic practices, and anything metaphysical, mysterious, and delightful.

Soul Journey
A guided meditation designed to reduce stress and anxiety, awaken creativity, and open up your intuitive wisdom. You’ll find meditating in groups to be a powerful experience.

Creative Kindling
Each session includes ideas on creative ways to explore the weekly theme. Ideas range from creating mandala, chakra, yantra art, working in a vision journal, SoulCollage, crystal grids, manifesting mandalas, creating altars, photography, soul inspiring journal prompts, and so much more. Please note that these sessions are not how-to art classes. Kathryn offers a variety of programs, book, and products to guide you in the “how-to.”

Wisdom Circle
You’ll be inspired by the insights each person shares about their takeaways on the weekly theme and their soul journey experience. You’ll love the support as you share your insights and inspirations. Note that sharing in the Wisdom Circle is optional and limited in how many people we have time for.

The Oasis on Facebook
You’ll get an invite to join the private Facebook page open exclusively to those who attends one or more sessions in The Oasis. This is a great way to stay connected with the kindred spirits you meet at The Oasis and a place to continue the conversations, show us your projects, and share more of your insights and inspirations.

Upcoming “Soul Tapas” at The Oasis

The Oasis is your refuge during these turbulent times.

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | Sagittarius

In this session, we’ll call upon our inner Artemis to gain clarity and focus in our lives. The If you feel tension during a full moon, watch out, lunar eclipses, even partial ones, can feel super intense.

On Friday, June 5th we kick-off the summer eclipse season that brings us three eclipses in four weeks. Yowza! So what does this mean for you and how can a retreat at the Oasis support you?

Awareness of intense energies is always helpful. Even if you are all zen, your loved ones and colleagues may be zingy, pissy, and triggered by the turbulence. We are human and it is so easy to lose your Zen.

The Oasis gives you a place to chill and return to your peaceful center. You’ll feel supported with the featured grounding tool – never before shared in any of my classes – which you can use from moment to moment when intense moments strike. In this session we’ll also look at how the Sagittarius energies come into play.

No matter what is showing up for you, the Oasis is here to be your refuge. It’s a place to support you as you aim high (like Sagittarius’ arrow) toward your dreams.

Topic: Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | Sagittarius
Date: Friday, June 5, 2020
Time: Choose from 10 am, 2 pm, 7 pm, EST/Boston (check your time zone)
Recordings Available

Only $10 when you register on or before June 5th!
$25 after June 5th

Bring a Friend! Introduce a friend to the Oasis and you both get in for only $15! For first time Oasis guests only. Register for this option by June 4th.

Oasis Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Now you can share the soulful and creative journey with a friend, sister, mother, and your family. The gift certificate is only $20 for you and your guest to attend one Oasis session. You’ll receive a digital file to download, print, and assemble the envelope.

Pictured here is the Limited Edition ‘Soul Hugs Inside’ envelope. New designs will be released throughout the year. Get the sweet back story on the Lily of the Valley design and the Soul Hugs message.

“Did a great online soul journey fire ceremony meditation with Kathryn Costa today. It helped me find calm and inspiration after a loooooooong week. I highly recommend joining the Oasis.”
~Alison Claire

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds like just what I need. How much does it cost?
Each week’s session is only $10!*

My budget is tight and I can only afford one or two sessions each month.
Soul Tapas is currently offered a la carte. You are welcome to sign up for as many or as few sessions as you like each month.

I can’t make any of the times. Will it be recorded?
Yes! Everyone who signs up will get access to the recording that includes the week’s theme and meditation. Plus fabulous handouts with Kathryn’s notes and insights. Note that the Wisdom Circle portion of the program is private and not recorded.

I can’t stay for the entire 2 hour session. Can I leave early?
You bet. This is YOUR time. You get to decide what works for you. Continue the soulful connection with us over on the Facebook private page.

I missed a previous session. Can I get access to the recordings?
Coming Soon: The Oasis Library is where you’ll find previous sessions available to order. You’ll get instant access to the recordings and handouts plus an invitation to join the private Facebook page. Take advantage of ordering the sessions when they are released at $10 as the price goes up to $25 per session when archived.

What do I need to participate?

  • Computer with internet access. Camera and audio enabled if you want to share your insights during the Wisdom Circle.
  • Journal/Notebook and pen
  • Glass of Water
  • Your Curiosity
Kathryn Costa

About Your Host, Kathryn Costa

Kathryn Costa is an instigator of soulful and creative living. Kathryn’s passion can be summed up in three little words: “create and connect.” Kathryn’s workshops help people to find clarity, let go of fear, embrace their dreams, and explore their creativity. She is an artist, educator, and shamanic practitioner who has opened the door to creative joy for thousands of people in 175 countries through her YouTube videos, online courses, workshops, her book The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art, and her line of chakra stencils from StencilGirl Products. Kathryn has been an online community developer and teacher for 12 years. Her unique teaching style integrates tools and practices from her training as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Soul Coach, Virtue’s Project Facilitator, and Jaguar Path Shamanic Practitioner.