Soul Journey Mandalas

Have you been living your life pulled outwards? After years of giving to others, raising children, caring for aging parents, and/or focusing on a career, our busy lives can leave us feeling scattered and lost.

“Who am I,” you may ask.

Maybe you’ve forgotten your dreams? Or even how to dream altogether?

Deep within, your soul is patiently waiting for you to make time to listen and reconnect.

The Soul Journey Mandala series offers centering practices to clear your mind and your emotions, to look within and reconnect to who you are.

In five lessons you’ll awaken your creativity, tap into your peaceful center, and connect with the wisdom of your soul.

We give ourselves a tremendous gift when we make time to pause, listen, and have sacred conversations.


I’m delighted to introduce to you my newest offering, the Soul Journey Mandala Series. This series combines a guided meditation, an expressive arts mandala activity, and journal prompts.

SoulJourney-PlayerWhat’s a Soul Journey?

A Soul Journey is a guided meditation that invites your imagination to travel to a natural setting where you’ll connect with the wisdom of your soul. You’ll receive an mp3 to download and listen to again and again.

“Listening to Kathryn Costa’s voice, I felt incredibly safe and relaxed. Her timely Soul Journey was exactly what I needed to listen to the messages of my soul more clearly.” ~ Jessica Velazquez

Mandala Art Activity

Not an artist but want to explore your creativity? Maybe you feel creatively blocked? Are you looking for inspiration? The expressive arts offers you a way to play like you did when you were a child yet uncover deep and meaningful insights. You’ll get a beautifully designed PDF that guides you in creating an expressive mandala, a circular work of art, that captures the spirit and messages from your Soul Journey.

Journal Prompts

Pull together your insights from the Soul Journey and the Mandala Art Activity with the writing prompts in the PDF download. This step helps you to integrate and synthesize your experience and record the takeaways so you’ll remember them. 

About the Series

The Soul Journey Mandala Series consists of five lessons. Each lesson includes a Soul Journey recording, Mandala Art Activity and journal prompts. The lessons are rooted in the Four Element Theory:

  • air to clear the busy mind
  • water to soothe strong emotions
  • fire to connect with Spirit
  • earth to attune to your physical self

Once a week starting from the day you register and for five weeks, you’ll receive a lesson in your inbox. To share your experiences and art projects, you are invited to join the Sharing Circle, a free private membership site for mandala enthusiasts.

When pricing out this series, I was thinking how each lesson is like a nourishing meal for the soul. It’s like giving yourself a “soul snack.” Your investment is $55 for the series, that’s only $11 per lesson.

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Experience a Soul Journey Mandala Lesson

Free Offer! The best way to see if the Soul Journey Mandala series is for you is to try it. In the first lesson, you’ll be guided along a forest path to meet your Soul Tree. Here the metaphor of the tree becomes a helpful visual for understanding who we are, where we stand, and where we are heading.

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What Participants are Saying…



“Thank you for the Soul Tree meditation! Loved it. Longing for more of these meditations now! The message from my soul tree is to keep trusting while the things/circumstances inside you and outside you change.” ~ Chris van Reeth


Be Bendy

“This was a great meditation. I liked the background music the tone of your voice and I didn’t feel rushed. The message from my Soul Tree is to be bendy.” ~ Janet Burdett


Live Mindfully

“The message from my Soul  Tree is to live mindfully.” ~ Renate Bierling

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Costa-Drawing-800About Your Guide

Hi, I’m Kathryn Costa.

As my life clock approaches another decade, I’m experiencing a spiritual awakening. It’s an exciting time in my life where the many pieces – the experiences and learnings – are coming together. The Soul Journey Mandala series is my latest integration that combines my background and training in creating mandalas for insight and healing and as a Soul Coach. Thank you for sharing this journey. I look forward to getting to know you each step of the way.


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