Root Chakra Workshop

The root chakra, or Muladhara, is a great starting point in learning about the chakras as it relates to our physical well-being, safety, and security. It’s often compared to the foundation of a house and what better place to focus on healing your mind, body, and emotions than your “roots” or foundation.

Root Chakra Muladhara Attributes

What is Root Chakra Healing?

Chakras are energy centers within the body that regulate, store, and distribute energy. There are seven main chakras that run along the spine. Each chakra relates to specific areas of the body and impacts the mind, emotions, and spirit. Chakra healing is the practice of opening, clearing, cleansing, supporting, and strengthening these energy centers within the body. Certain foods, sounds, smells, colors, crystals, yoga practices, affirmations, and other holistic remedies are some of the many ways to heal a chakra.

Indications of an Unhealthy Root Chakra

Here are some of the signs that your root chakra is unbalanced.

Financial Security

  • You obsess about money and not having enough. You may fear that you’ll be poor or will become homeless. 
  • You tend to overwork to soothe your anxiety surrounding finances which causes burnout.
  • You hoard or “collect” a lot of things, making your home cluttered and feeling constricted.
  • Divorce, job loss, or growing up poor are all examples of conditions that can cause the root chakra to be unbalanced.

Trust Issues

  • You tend not to ask for help. You believe that you are the only person who you can rely on.

Family of Origin Issues

  • You may feel a disconnection from your family of origin. Family disfunction.

Health Issues

  • Compulsive eating such as binge eating or stop eating completely when stressed.
  • Weight Issues – both overweight, especially in the lower body, or severe underweight.
  • Inflammation, poor circulation, leg and feet problems such as swelling or infection.
  • Feeling disconnected from body.
  • Anxiety, depression.
  • Anger, rage.
Root Chakra Mandala

When Your Root Chakra is Balanced

  • You feel safe, secure, grounded, centered, peaceful, connected, supported, rooted.
  • You take good care of your body.
  • You don’t feel compulsive in eating, making purchases, or “collecting” things.
  • It is easy for you to concentrate.
  • You set goals and can easily prioritize.

Root Chakra Workshop with Kathryn Costa

The chakra workshops with Kathryn Costa are a unique experience that combines a love for learning (intellect), Soul Journey Guided Meditations & Oracle Card Readings (spirit), creativity and art making (play), and journal prompts (truth telling).

Do you love getting fun mail?

When you sign up for the Root Chakra Workshop, you’ll get a gorgeous envelope in the mail and tucked inside are various things we’ll use in the workshop. Here is a peek at some of what you get in the Root Chakra Workshop envelope. Additional surprises are tucked inside each envelope.

What You Get

  • Gorgeous envelope and goodies in the mail.
  • Instant access to videos about healing chakras and the root chakra presentation.
  • Creative Activities & Journal Prompts – Whether you create your own chakra art or tangle with the turtle, you’ll get lots of creative inspiration as you learn about and connect with your root chakra.
  • Soul Journey – Guided meditation to open your root chakra and connect to your inner wise self.
  • Animal Ally – Learn about animals connected to the root chakra and the qualities we want to bring out in ourselves.
  • Tons of resources including links to videos, books, and websites to enrich your understanding of the chakras and various healing modalities.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Invitation to Join the Journal Circle. Private website for connecting with other participants.

Root Chakra Retreats

How often do you sign up for a self-paced course and never look at the material? The Root Chakra Retreat is an online experience that includes time to learn about the root chakra, connect with your intuition through Soul Journey guided mediations and oracle card readings, time to create in your journal or work on a chakra inspired art project, and show & tell.

Next Retreat:
Saturday, February 2, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., EST

Participating in the online retreats is optional. You may enroll now to get instant access to the course material.

Register Now – Root Chakra Workshop – $45

Digital Version – $35
Includes a digital download in place of the envelope that includes the Chakra Qualities Checklist, How to Doodle the Chakra, Affirmation Card, Animal Ally, List of websites to pick an oracle card virtually, Lifetime Access to the workshop resources, and invitation to participate in one of the Root Chakra Online Retreats.

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