Sacral Chakra Workshop

In the sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, we lighten up our energy after working with the heavy root chakra. As the seat of creativity, the sacral chakra when opened up inspires play. Our senses awaken and we delight in what we see, smell, taste, and touch. Life feels delicious.

What is Sacral Chakra Healing?

Chakras are energy centers within the body that regulate, store, and distribute energy. There are seven main chakras that run along the spine. Each chakra relates to specific areas of the body and impacts the mind, emotions, and spirit. Chakra healing is the practice of opening, clearing, cleansing, supporting, and strengthening these energy centers within the body. Certain foods, sounds, smells, colors, crystals, yoga practices, affirmations, and other holistic remedies are some of the many ways to heal a chakra.

Indications of an Unhealthy Sacral Chakra

Here are some of the signs that your sacral chakra is unbalanced.

  • Feeling creatively blocked and tend to overthink things.
  • Rigid thinking.
  • Overly sensitive, touchy, and emotionally reactive. Life is full of drama.
  • Emotionally hypersensitive or at the other extreme aloof.
  • Emotionally numb finding it hard to feel very much.
  • Difficulty expressing oneself.
  • Compulsive and addictive to anything that brings pleasure such as food, shopping (art supplies, clothing, accessories), alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex.
  • Constantly fatigued with little energy for anything.

When Your Sacral Chakra is Balanced

  • You radiate warmth, playfulness, and good humor.
  • Positive Outlook
  • Connected to your feelings
  • Creativity flows
  • Passionate, present in your body, sensual
  • Healthy Relationship with money and ability to use your gifts & talents to manifest abundance

Sacral Chakra Workshop with Kathryn Costa

The chakra workshops with Kathryn Costa are a unique experience that combines a love for learning (intellect), Soul Journey Guided Meditations & Oracle Card Readings (spirit), creativity and art making (play), and journal prompts (truth telling).

What you get in the mail when you take the Sacral Chakra Workshop with Kathryn Costa.

Do you love getting fun mail?

When you sign up for the Sacral Chakra Workshop, you’ll get a gorgeous envelope in the mail and tucked inside are various things we’ll use in the workshop. Here is a peek at some of what you get in the Sacral Chakra Workshop envelope.

What You Get

  • Gorgeous envelope and goodies in the mail.
  • Instant access to videos about healing chakras and the sacral chakra presentation.
  • Creative Activities & Journal Prompts – Whether you create your own chakra art or play with the dolphin, you’ll get lots of creative inspiration as you learn about and connect with your sacral chakra.
  • Soul Journey – Guided meditation to awaken your creativity and connect to your inner wise self.
  • Animal Ally – Learn about animals connected to the sacral chakra and the qualities we want to bring out in ourselves.
  • Tons of resources including links to videos, books, and websites to enrich your understanding of the chakras and various healing modalities.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Invitation to Join the Journal Circle. Private website for connecting with other participants.

Sacral Chakra Retreats

How often do you sign up for a self-paced course and never look at the material?

In this three hour online retreat, you’ll explore how the aspects of the sacral chakra are showing up for you. 

Do you need to awaken your creativity? Maybe your body and spirit longs for more delicious moments in your every day life?

In the Soul Journey guided meditation you’ll connect with your sacral chakra and gently awaken your creativity and invite your muse to come out to play. The oracle card reading will give you further information on where you may want to give more attention in your life. There will be an hour for you to follow your muse to work in your journal or to create chakra inspired art. We’ll wrap up with Show & Tell to share our experiences with the group.

Next Retreat:
Saturday, March 16, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., EST

Participating in the online retreats is optional. You may enroll now to get instant access to the course material and recordings of the online retreat.

Register Now – Sacral Chakra Workshop – $45

Digital Version – $35
Includes a digital download in place of the envelope that includes the Chakra Qualities Checklist, How to Doodle the Chakra, Affirmation Card, Animal Ally, List of websites to pick an oracle card virtually, Lifetime Access to the workshop resources, and invitation to participate in one of the Sacral Chakra Online Retreats.

Buy All Seven Chakra Workshops & Save!

Chakra Series – $245 for the series (reg. $315 save $70)
Chakra Series Digital Version – $175 for the series (save $140!)

Payment Plan – $85 in three monthly installments
Payment Plan Digital Version – $62 in three monthly installment

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