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Scorpio Full Moon + Taurus New Moon

The Fall of the Dragon

dragon spire top of the old exchange building in Copenhagen

Days prior to my stepmother’s death, the dragon spire, a historic iconic landmark that towered over the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, fell as the building went up in flames. I had taken the photo of this spire that you see here last fall when visiting my daughter, who now resides a mere 40-minute train ride in Sweden. I snapped a quick photo using my phone while on a boat ride in the canals. My thoughts at the time didn’t worry about this poor shot, “I’ll be back next year and will get a better photo.” The skipper navigating our wooden, electric powered boat called the hygge, proudly told the story of how this historic building managed to escape ruin even though the building adjacent to it had gone down in flames multiple times. The Danes surmised it was the dragons that offered protection.

At the news of the dragon spire’s fall, my stepmother’s body was failing and no longer accepting any food or water from a feeding tube. As a child, I regarded my stepmother as a dragon lady who I would later befriend in my adulthood. Nancy was a challenging woman who taught me many lessons – some hard others sweet. In the end, I knew the lady and the dragon that lived in the lady. Looking back on my last blog post, I wrote about the dragon that lives in each of us. It truly is a year of the dragon.

Mandala created for the full moon in Scorpio using the 4 Gates Mandala stencil and the Sacral Chakra stencil from StencilGirl Products.

Scorpio the Healer

Of the Zodiac signs, Scorpio is known for its ability to dive into the deep watery depths where we can find buried memories and emotions. It is when we plumb the depths are we able to transform the unprocessed hurts, embrace our inner child, teenager, young adult, or self at any age, and free ourselves from the underlying issues that plague our self-sabotaging behaviors.

snake spirit oracle card
Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Collette Baron-Reid

Shuffling a spirit animal oracle deck, it didn’t surprise me that snake joined me. Looking back at the last blog post, I spoke of the Chironic eclipse and how it can help to point to an underlying limiting belief that holds us back. We learn from snake how to shed what no longer serves us, just as the snake outgrows its skin.

The questions here are:

  • What do you desire?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Where do you need to make a change?

The sacral chakra seemed a fitting choice for the Scorpio mandala as both are water elements.

Signs of an unbalanced sacral chakra:

  • Rigid thinking
  • Difficulty dealing with emotional ups and downs or expressing feelings
  • Creatively stifled
  • Uncomfortable in your own skin and with intimacy
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Reproductive issues
  • Issues around money and ability to create abundance

Tears are Good Medicine

When we don’t feel our feelings all the way through, they never leave us and then, we do all kinds of unusual things to get out from under them. This is the cause of many addictions.

When asked, “How do you feel?” Notice if your response is to talk about the circumstances of the pain, if you’re focused more on how you’ll fix your situation, or if you are swimming in anger about the injustice of the pain. These are all ways of acknowledging the situation but doesn’t serve to feel the feelings and work through the wound.

Though we fear it, feeling our feelings is the only clear and direct way to free our hearts of pain.

What ways do you avoid your feelings?

Affirmation: I accept my feelings realizing they are neither right or wrong, they simply are.

When facing our fears, we may tap into a deep well of sorrow where tears come gushing out. Tears are medicine that help us to release the strong emotions and relax the body.

Scientists have discovered that the chemical compositions of tears can vary. There are three types of tears:

  • Psychic Tears – caused by extreme emotions like happiness and sadness.
  • Basal Tears – keep the cornea lubricated.
  • Reflex Tears – come out in response to something else like onions.

The tears produced by emotions differ in that they contain protein-based hormones prolactin, adrenocorticotropic, and Leu-enkephalin (a natural pain killer). This explains why our bodies feel so relaxed after a good hard cry.

Journal page about the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Feeling Stuck?
Call on Taurus.

While Scorpio aids us in identifying what ails our spirit, too much water can get overwhelming. The zodiac sign opposite of Scorpio is the earth sign of Taurus.

We learn from Taurus how to slow down, savor the good things in life, enjoy the moment, and show gratitude. Taurus teaches us to take stock in what we’ve accomplished and who we are to bring awareness of and appreciation for our self-worth.

To help get grounded, create a mandala using the root chakra stencil at the center of the four gates. In my Taurus root chakra mandala, I drew roots at the bottom to represent my family roots, the connections that I’ve nurtured in my various circle of friends, colleagues, neighbors, and community. You can also view the roots as all that you’ve built in your life. In a spiritual sense, these roots connect us to Mother Earth and all living things.

In the other ‘gates’ of this mandala, I selected keywords that capture the spirit of Taurus – beauty, self-worth, and hardworking. Here are some other words you may prefer, gratitude, grace, practical, steady, earthy, and builder. Who do you know that has a sun or moon in the sign of Taurus? What qualities do they have that you admire?

Living with Scorpio and Taurus

This photo in my home captures the beautiful relationship of Scorpio and Taurus energies.

The painting was my father’s and it looks like it is set at the time of the full moon. The Hawaiian ocean waves are strong just like the intense Scorpio emotions. Grief is like the waves seen in this painting – it comes in waves. Some days it is quiet and other moments feel turbulent with strong tears coming to the surface.

The Buddha quietly meditating and holding a starfish, the sweet smelling romantic flowers in my stepmother’s crystal vase, and the photo of my very steady, practical grandmother captures the Taurus energy. Creating a sanctuary in your home provides you with a space to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. What luxuries would feel good today?

Look at the mantle, do you see the hummingbird? It is a sweet, hand-carved wooden ornament from Sweden. Hummingbird wants the last word on this post to remind you to savor the sweetness in this moment. The little hummer invites you to take a deep breath in and feel it expand in the area of your heart and fill it with the thoughts of something that you love. Pause now and breathe in grace, peace, and joy.

Thank you for joining my soulful and creative journey. If you are new here, check out my other blog posts to learn more about how to Travel by Moonlight to Collect Pearls.

(((soul hugs)))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

8 thoughts on “Scorpio Full Moon + Taurus New Moon”

  1. Amazing! I just love your writings. They are so informative and interesting. I’m getting my stencils out to create this Mandela.
    Thank you for your inspiration ❤️

    1. Amazing article. I was Born Scorpio 3rd nov, the need of crying lots of tears for expanding my heart Is urgent lately. I deeply feel Better After. Thanks for letting Is conscious of that.
      From Italy

  2. Thank you for this, Kathryn. Yesterday was cathartic and your email is a soothing reminder. I have so many mandalas on my walls thanks to the inspiration and info from your book. And those stencils. Glad you’re at it again.

    1. Hi Jane, Thanks for your note. It lifts my spirit to read how my email message was received as a soothing reminder. Your note reminds me how much others enjoy what I share in my blog posts. (((soul hugs))) Kathryn

  3. Oh Kathryn, THANK YOU!! I sooo much enjoy your blogs! Both in your expression of the beauty to be seen in each chakra, zodiac sign, and how they all meld together under their planetary ruler. It truly gives me so much inspiration. Whenever my creativity feels blocked and I cannot figure out what to draw, color, or find inspiration to build an alter, I read your blogs and I’m immediately inspired! You help me remember who I am and from whence I became. I have learned so many life lessons from working with you: how to cope with difficult news, how to express feelings through mandala inspired art, meditations (both guided soul journeys, as well as personal meditations), how to trust and listen to my inner voice, and the biggest one of all, HOW TO STAND UP AND SHOW UP FOR MYSELF.
    Another phenomenon is that you always have something new and pertinent to share that helps me remember my core values exactly when I need them… Right after I’ve recognized and made a decision that someone or something in my life no longer served me, and I closed the door to that chapter. This is the third significant time I’ve had to make that decision to cut my losses and fertilize these new seeds I have planted. Your work helps so many get and stay grounded through all seasons of their lives. I can’t thank you enough!

    Sending lots of love, many blessings, feelings of gratitude and {soul hugs} your way….

    1. Hi Catz, Wow if I had any doubts about the value of my blogging, all I have to do is reread this comment from you. Just as a musician needs an audience, a blogger needs a reader and lovely community member like you! It feels rewarding to share this soulful and creative journey with you.

      (((soul hugs)) Kathryn

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