Solar Plexus Chakra Stencil Art

Solar Plexus Chakra Stencil Art

Solar Plexus Chakra by Priscilla DeConti

Priscilla’s Mandala Story:
The second stencil that I tried was the solar plexus chakra. Once again I did not intentionally choose the chakra but yet again as I was working on it, I began to think about the colors and the intention. Since it was on a green watercolor background, I felt that yellow would not show up that well so I used Derwent Intense pencils. So I chose some yellow, with orange and green complements. I wanted certain areas to stand apart so I also used a glitter pen which may not show up in in this photo. I can see working with this chakra more in the not too distant future, as I definitely need to continue to work on my confidence as an artist/creative as well in other areas of my life. Using this chakra will also give me some needed clarification on moving forward and making necessary changes in my life.

I look forward to doing more with these stencils and chakras on a regular basis.

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