Third Eye Chakra Stencil Art

Third Eye Chakra Stencil Art

“Seeing in the Dark” by Kathryn Costa

Feeling lost? Can’t see the next visible step? This is a time for tuning into your intuition. Notice this connection, the third-eye is the sixth chakra and intuition is also referred to the sixth sense.

Not everything is as it seems. Opening up the third-eye chakra helps us to see using our intuition what our eyes can’t see.

Here I used black paper to convey how our intuition helps us to see when we feel like we are in the dark. The glowing effect was created using colored pencils.

My daily practice of meditating, creating chakra mandala art, and writing in my journal gives me the quiet space to tune in and listen to the wisdom of my soul.

I spent the day at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens where I created this third eye chakra mandala.

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