Let’s Talk Chakras

Explore the colorful world of chakras in Kathryn Costa’s online classes. Easily create chakra art using Kathryn’s chakra stencils from StencilGirl Products.

Take a look inside my Chakra Journal.
Explore the chakras and create your own chakra journal in Kathryn Costa’s
online Chakra Workshops.

Chakra Stencils

Introducing Kathryn Costa’s new chakra stencils by StencilGirl Products. Now creating your own chakra art is so easy!

Chakra Workshops

Take a deep dive into the chakras as you open the door to self-discovery, insight, and healing in this unique online workshop series by Kathryn Costa.

What are chakras?

Explore Kathryn Costa’s 7-Day Chakra Journey for an introduction to understanding the chakras. It’s a free video series that you can access now.