headshot-kcosta-blue500Hi, I’m Kathryn Costa.

Creativity Coach, Soul Coach, Mandala Oracle Coach, Artist, and Educator.

Meaningful connections are important to me. Whether it’s connecting ideas, connecting to my soul, connecting to others, or connecting to Spirit – it’s what wakes me up in the wee hours and energizes me throughout the day.

I believe everyone has a unique set of core beliefs, natural talents, and a wise soul. Together these form your True North, the compass that guides you in living a fulfilling life.

In our busy outward focused lives, hearing the wisdom of the soul to follow your True North is difficult. As a soul coach and teacher, I serve as a guide to connect with the soul’s wisdom to live life with grace, ease, and purpose. Learn about Soul Coaching.

The expressive arts gives us a way to explore our thoughts and feelings in a playful way. Images provide a gateway for getting to the heart of a problem when words fall short. I’m known for my work with mandalas, chakra art, and collage as subjects for exploring our stories. You can work with me in person at one of my many events or online courses. To help you explore the meaning of your mandala art, I now offer 1:1 sessions called, Mandala Oracle Coaching.

Have you lost your passion for what you love to do? Feeling stuck? Has self-sabotage, perfectionism, high expectations, and/or fear stopped you from moving forward on your projects? Imagine feeling joy about what you are working on and excited to take the next step. As a creativity coach, I bring an objective perspective to your situation. Together we’ll explore what you want to do and what’s getting in the way. Learn about Creativity Coaching.